Insights about tone

We constantly cross fertilize with others fields’ experience.
Here are some books we like

Is music a quantum phenomenon ?

Deepak Chopra “Quantum Healing”

Chopra coprs quantique livre conseillé par JF Daber à Lyon

Musicians mainly produce frequencies. From these frequencies, auditors create emotions.

Musicians produce frequencies that are a vibrational phenomena. Auditors translate these vibes into emotions through a chemical process. Auditors’ brain translate frequencies into chemical impulse that spread all over their body’s cells. Music Listening involves and sets the entire auditor’s to resonance.

One could say that auditors eventualy make the music. Musicians bring out components and auditors process them to music.

About relationships between music and brain

Daniel Levitin « De la note au cerveau »

D levitin de la note au cerveau conseillé par JF Daber à Lyon

Musicians and auditors brains are differently wired. This book explains how do auditors process musical informations to build emotions, shows the narrow limits between instruments when auditors want to recognize them.

D Levitin analyzes auditors’ capacities and expectations to music. he shows the importance for composers then performers to raise auditors’s expectation level and explains how to keep their level of interest high.

Les rapports entre le son et la posture

  • Ph Chamagne livre conseillé par JF Daber à Lyon

    Philippe Chamagne

  • RB Sulem Qi Gong musicien conseillé par JF Daber à Lyon

    Reine-Brigitte Sulem

Philippe Chamagne et Reine Brigitte Sulem explain how posture et relaxation impact musicians’ sound quality for auditors