Pernambuco wood and bows, a tight relationship

The use of Pernambuco wood for bow making made the ivention of modern bow possible. Pernambuco wood is the only known specie to make high level bows. Pernambuco is the only kind of wood offering both the necessary mechanic and acoustic characteristics for bow making.

Pernambouc lives in the Brasilian Mata Atlantica forest that spreads alongside the 4000 km Brazilian Atlantic coast, northern Rio de Janeiro. One may find there many different pernambuco sub species showing various personalities with both various mechanic and acoustic characteristics. Today this forest has shrinked 95% to 5% of initial surface, due to deforestation.

Over the years, we researched the acoustic and mechanic properties of each variety how to use them best regarding our customers’ needs, technique and instruments.

Preserving Pernambuco

  • Pernambuco flower by JF Daber Lyon

  • Seedling of Pernambuco

  • Pernambuco tree by JF Daber Lyon

Today bow Makers are facing pernambuco wood glut. Originally due to the Mata Atlantica deforestation. We now have to deal with the Cites classification of Permanbuco as endangered specie that forbids the falling of fresh trees.

This is the reason why 8 years ago, we started developping a new generation of bows, pernambuco free, environment friendly, combining a widely spread specie of wood together with carbon fiber.